Read “Carrying Albert Home”

Dear Reader,

Do you want a love story with realistic, believable characters? Do you enjoy a good adventure with animal sidekicks, and historical figures acting as extras? Then you should pick up “Carrying Albert Home” by Homer Hickam. You’ll want to share your travels with this book. It will take you on an emotionally satisfying ride.

Journey from West Virginia to Florida with Homer, Elsie and their alligator, Albert. Let the author’s real-life parents teach you about restlessness, hard work, and the love that comes home through discovering the real person attached to your wedding ring. And along with the Hickams, you’ll meet others with hopes, regrets, and frustrations fueling their own journeys. Laugh and cry as they hop in and out of the Buick, sharing the backseat with an alligator and a rooster.

Published by Harper Collins in October 2015, “Carrying Albert Home” will entertain you fully. It has been published to great reviews here in the US, the UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Hungary, France, Italy, Japan and the Nordic countries, to name a few. The parents of Homer “Sonny” Hickam, Jr, both of whom you met in his first novel “Rocket Boys,” will come to life, break your heart, and mend it once more.

I hear you asking: why an alligator? Trust me, you’ll want to read the book to find out. The story is based on true events about which the author grew up hearing bits and pieces at a time. Here’s the whole story for you. So buy “Carrying Albert Home” at your local bookstore. Purchase the ebook as a download for your tablet, computer or phone. Order it from Homer Hickam’s own website But just don’t miss it. You’ll thank me.

Happy Reading! Betsie

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