About Betsie Jones

I have been working in the veterinary profession since 1991, when I started as a kennel assistant in Oxford, Ohio. I have also been a pet-sitter, a hand-holder, a nature center volunteer, and most of all, a pet owner. My Associate degree in Veterinary Technology was completed in 1996, and I have been attending continuing education every year since to keep learning.

Your business can benefit from my experience. Let me help reach your audience wth copy that is direct, compassionate, and professional. I am passionate about the veterinary world and the pet industry, and want to communicate our caring mission to pet owners. With my vet tech background and passion for writing, my copy will be like catnip to your audience.

And I have many other interests about which I am passionate. I’ve been involved in a mental health support group called Recovery International most of my life. My soul is fed by music, films, books, British comedy and drama, Doctor Who and other science fiction, the works of Shakespeare & Hayao Miyazaki, and more earthly endeavors such as recycling and nature. And as a singer/songwriter, I’ve written many songs about the joys and foibles of my own life.

Please contact me with your copy and web writing needs!

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